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 FitLife Dream works hard to provide their clients help, professional advise and the best products on the market to reach a higher quality of life empowered by a better health and general wellness.  
We offer high-quality nutritional supplements , sport and skin care products .   Our premium nutritional supplement and cosmetics products have therefore been developed according to the latest, and verified, findings from research and science. Our products stand for the highest safety as far as optimal choice, processing and the bio availability of the nutrient content are concerned and they are manufactured according to the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice valid for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company we work for has their main headquarters is in Luxembourg but we are presents in 42 Countries and expanding.

Our products are not available in retail stores but you can purchase them via the Internet and from our Distributors.  

Nadia thomas, manager and co-FOUNDER


 I'm Nadia Thomas, an Italian native, born just outside of Rome now living my dream in the beautiful US.

I'm a passionate Manager and Co-Founder of FitLife Dream.
I focus mainly on selecting,coaching and optimizing my sales team but I love that I still have the opportunity to collaborate cross-departmentally to take care of customers and improve their health, life and making their dreams come true. 

My life at FitLife Dream allows me to do a variety of things, most importantly it allows me to grow into an international world class organization with the best talent, a flexible company that will help you reach goals that you only dreamed of. As a manager at FitLife Dream I look for team-members with creativity, tenacity, a strong work ethic and a strong personality.

I am proud to work with a company that strives to be the most transparent and trusted health and fitness care platform, where the customers as well as their employees are the most important part of it.

My FitLife Dream team is international, brilliant, determined and passionate .

I'm mainly an introvert even though I love people. I always do my best to help others, but don't make this fool you. I am resilient and very determined to always reach the next level.  

Lucia del mastro, manager and co- founder


 I'm Lucia Del Mastro, a professional, hard-working, and detail-oriented marketing manager. 

I divide between Canada and Italy and I work mostrly B2B internationally. 

 I am a people-person and after spending several years working with in customer service and international marketing  I have evolved into health and wellness business, but my super  fav is to find the perfect business to work with and offer my services. 

I have found FitLife Dream with Nadia, with the goal to improve as many people's lives as we can. I really believe in our products and the company we work for, and I feel like sharing the blessings and help everyone. 

I am enthusiast to bring on board a great friend of mine, a Nutritionist,  to offer a specialized and professional consultation to help others.  

 I am focused on putting my passions and skills to good. I really care about what we introduce in our body and how can we work on prevention to help us stay healthier. 

FitLife Dream gives me the opportunity to  be free and work the way I always wanted.   

There is nothing better than working with smart people to do awesome things, and it's a truly amazing process that I feel lucky to participate in.

Dr. Dario Pianura

Dr. Dario Pianura - Doctor of Pharmacy and Nutritionists

I am Dr. Dario Pianura, I was born in a wonderful town called Latina, about 60 Km South of Rome, Italy.

I graduated as a Doctor of Pharmacy at the University " La Sapienza " in Rome.

When  I started working , I became more and more passionate about Nutrition, so I attended the Faculty of Science of Human Nutrition and I got my second degree. 

At the moment,  my life is fulfilled with excitement and joy because my wife Mariangela and I are expecting   a baby boy to be born in September   and his name will be  ...  Angelo.

My mission is to always add the human touch while taking care of my patients and to improve lives through patient engagement and education.

I believe it is important to always maintain an in-depth understanding of health, disease, medications, and supplements in an effort to provide the best consultations and eliminate sources of medication misadventures.

For me is very important to respect each and every patient and create a personalized plan that consider their needs and specific problems. Sometimes it is not easy but it overall the right thing to do.  

I am truly  passionate about serving  my patients as a whole individual, and take care of their health, their healing process and their complete wellness. 


 At FitLife Dream we offer you the possibility to message our qualified and fully registered Doctors, Pharmacists and Nutritionists anytime, anywhere for FREE.  Get started with the consultation, where we learn more about you, your problems, and how we can help support you. We’ll discuss which one is the best solution for you. 

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